The sound of Inner City is the sound of Detroit

For over 30 years, Kevin Saunderson’s pioneering group has channeled the musical heartbeat of the city and taken it across the world, making an impact that continues to resonate across dancefloors today. And as Inner City enters a new era, the music shows no signs of stopping.

“Inner City is for life” is the mantra that is propelling the band into the future. And these days, it’s a proper family affair: Kevin Saunderson is joined on production and DJ duties by his son, Dantiez, with Ann Saunderson adding vocals and vocal production. The group is completed by Detroit vocalist Steffanie Christi’an and together Inner City forges forward with the intention of keeping real house and techno alive.

Out Now on KMS

• Big Fun (House Of Virus Remix – 2019 Inner City Edit)
• Good Life (Carl Craig Remix – 2019 Inner City Edit)
• Future (Kenney Larkin Remix – 2019 Inner City Edit)
• Hallelujah (House of Virus and Inner City remix)
• Good Love (Samuel L Session & Van Czar Remix)
• Till We Meet Again – (Carl Craig Remix 2019 Inner City Edit)

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